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Welcome, My Friend



Clarify your brand, captivate your audience
and create a business that lights you up.


Who are you and why did you start your business? Can you articulate the unique value you offer that not only grabs your audience’s attention, but captures their heart? Whether you’re launching your first business or taking your current company to the next level, take the time to put the foundational pieces of your brand in place. Developing brand synergy allows every component of your business to work together to create an irresistible experience that your clients will love.

As a Brand Synergist and Personal Branding Coach, I work with purpose-driven, modern entrepreneurs, like you, who are reinventing themselves and starting or growing a business that you’re passionate about. Working with me is fun, energizing, inspiring and ultimately, gives you the brand clarity you need to up-level your business. Check out my 1-on-1 brand coaching programs or attend an upcoming workshop in LA and let’s get to the heart of your brand.




“I came to Hilary with a 

concept and dream for 

my company, Ranavat 

Botanics, and she turned 

it into a tangible mission, 

vision, values and 

purpose! She knocked


out of the park!”






Hey, I'm Hilary.


My passion for branding began during the 15 years I spent marketing films for some of the biggest brands in the world - including Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Dreamworks. When you think of these brands, you think of way more than just a logo. They’re about immersive storytelling, creating an experience for their biggest fans and delivering on those expectations in order to consistently draw in new consumers and keep their existing ones happy. Branding is the same - it’s the experience you promise to your customers and the brand stories you tell that make you relatable & unforgettable.





















"Working with Hilary was a fundamental step ahead for my new business. She helped me organize all my thoughts and goals for my brand to create a streamlined, laser-focused and manageable strategy. With this new brand awareness, I've been able to make smarter and faster decisions and I am extremely grateful for the new clarity that I have on my brand."





Work with me.

Are you frustrated that you STILL don’t know how to clearly articulate your brand vision? Believe me, I’ve been there and it’s always 10x harder to DIY your own personal brand. Imagine, feeling total CLARITY & CONFIDENCE in communicating your Mission, Vision, Values & Purpose to the right Target Audience and leveraging your Personal Brand Stories to connect with your ideal clients and convert them to a Yes. Imagine doing work that matters and living your life with work-life balance you’ve been craving. It can all be yours! Let’s get started!


"Hilary's excitement, 

enthusiasm and 

understanding made our 

branding conversation 

authentic and helped to 

bring out the best in my self 

and my company. I can't 

thank her enough for 

spending time with me and 

genuinely thinking about my 

company--I feel like I have 

my own personal 


one who has 

tons of 

experience &