How Professional Photography Elevates Your Brand

 Photo by: Grey & Elle

Photo by: Grey & Elle

When I was starting my business, I went with good enough and used stock photos and a couple okay photos of me on my website and called it a day so I could launch.

This past Spring, I realized I needed to invest in a photographer and get professional photos to really articulate my brand the way I visualized it in my head.  This realization actually kick-started my entire re-brand for my biz!

Don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with stock photos, but let me tell you how I recommend you use stock photos within your overall branded look.

First things first.  You need to clarify and define your WHOLE brand.  Not just a mood board, and not just a logo (yes, those are good too), but you need to understand every facet of your brand so then you can articulate it visually.

Then, hire a photographer to do a “branded lifestyle shoot.” You’ll get custom lifestyle and portrait photos of you plus your own custom “stock” type photos that are using your space, props, locations, or whatever you feel represents your brand.  In other words, they won’t look like anyone else’s photos and they’ll align with the definition of your brand.

 Photo by: Grey & Elle

Photo by: Grey & Elle

Finally, if you want to supplement your professional photos with stock photography that you purchase (buying instead of using the free stuff means that not as many people will be using the same photos), then only do it if you find stock photo bundles that align with your brand aesthetic.

You can pepper those stock photos in with your professional photos on Instagram or your website and it will still look great!

On my website I decided I wanted it to be very custom for me and my brand.  The reason? If I love my brand, I know my ideal clients will love it too.  It will make them want to come in and stay awhile, which is the whole point.  

I’m so thrilled with the wonderful job Grace and Alice from GREY & ELLE did for my branded lifestyle photo shoot because every single photo feels like me and represents my brand.  These photos have elevated my brand and it’s made me want to refresh my entire website (more on my full website refresh coming in another blog post).  Yay!

Professional photography is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business to elevate my brand.  I highly recommend it, and do it when you feel really clear about what your brand is and who it serves.

Before I go!  Here are a couple of great resources I’ve found for amazing stock photography (not free, but worth it) that you can supplement your professional photos with: 

And, have fun with this! xoxo

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