NOW LIVE - The New Website for Hilary Hartling HQ

 Photo by: Grey & Elle, Web Design: The Routine Creative

Photo by: Grey & Elle, Web Design: The Routine Creative

The new website is LIVE! (happy dance, happy dance)

Wow, I thought this day would never come!  My new website, version 2.0, has taken me many more months than originally intended. However, as with everything you have to trust the process.  I feel like I’m launching 2.0 of myself, and I’ll tell you why.

Up until now, the only thing I’ve ever put out in the world that feels like a true, completely authentic extension of myself was when I was a dancer.  Dancing made me feel free, confident, happy and like I could extend every emotion I was feeling into the stretch of my arm all the way down to my pointed toes as I leaped through the air.

I loved to dance and I expressed myself well.  Now, I LOVE my brand because I’m just as passionate about helping other budding entrepreneurs get happy with their brand so they can be confident expressing it to their audience.  And, I feel like my new website expresses that.

The goal of your brand is to create a huge love fest.  It’s a win-win, heart to heart with your best customers who know that what you’re offering and how you specifically offer it is exactly what they need. As you go through my new website, here are some new elements I’m loving that I hope you do too: 

The wonderful amount of white space…It allows you to breathe, gain clarity and feel inspired as you go through the site.

My brand aesthetic, with the colors that I love.  They feel like a breath of fresh air!  And I find that when I find the right person to work with, they often take a huge deep breathe and sigh of relief because they know I’ve got their back in this branding process and we’re going to discover the brand they love together.  

I also love the understanding that I didn’t need to have every color that’s part of my brand expressed in the website design.  A lot of my color is accented in the photos I’ve chosen to use throughout the site. Such a great lesson!


The happy client quotes are featured in my beautiful sage green branded boxes.  It shines a wonderful light on the special people I’ve been lucky enough to work with.


The blog is so uniform and appealing - love, love, love.  And don’t worry, there’s much more to come for the blog, now named “The Brand Synergist.”  


Enjoy the new website.  Pop around and click to your heart’s delight.  Download some of the free resources from the homepage, read some blog articles, and check out how I can help you fall in love with your brand so you, too, can express yours with confidence.



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