Top 10 Brand Upgrades Now Live on the Website

 Photo by: Grey & Elle

Photo by: Grey & Elle

You don’t just update your whole website without going through an overall brand refresh.  That was the whole point of upgrading my website.  I’ve elevated my brand in a number of ways, and I thought it might be helpful if I gave you the Top 10 things I did to create this re-brand so I could express my brand with simplicity and clarity that connects with you, my audience.

01. Creating a branded experience.

Your website is an expression of your brand and I wanted my website to feel like a branded experience.  To do that I kept my Key Brand Words in mind while designing the site to ensure it felt Happy, Inspiring, Creative, Confident and Energizing.  A brand is way more than how it looks; it’s about how it makes you FEEL.

02  Investing in professional photography.

Seriously don’t even bother pouring your heart and soul into a brand refresh and website upgrade if you aren’t ready to invest in professional photography.  I actually wrote an entire blog post about this, you can check it out HERE.  My photos are all by Grey & Elle and they captured my brand perfectly, which helps attract my ideal audience.

03. No more jack-of-all-trades mindset.

When I originally launched my business, I was so excited to offer ALL the things I could do - it included marketing consulting, branding, high performance coaching…and it was too much.  No one knew what to come to me for!  So, the lesson is, create a brand around one major area of expertise. Let go of being everything for everybody as that will get you nowhere fast.

04. Mission: possible.

If you can nail your mission statement, it’s a great foundation for your whole brand.  For my brand refresh, I wanted to get crystal clear on my mission statement since that tells people who you are, who you serve, what you do and why it’s super valuable to them.  Once you have a great mission statement you know exactly how to message your audience & grow your biz!

05. It's not about me, it's about you.

The idea that your website is about you is an illusion.  Yes, you may be featured in most of the photos.  People want to see who they’re going to be hiring!  And yes, you may even tell your personal brand story.  However, one of the biggest differences in my new website is that I literally geared the whole thing towards my target audience.  I made it about them, and not me.

06. Mastering my message.

As soon as I narrowed my offering to Branding, and wrote a very clear mission statement, I understood my target audience better.  You have to keep learning about your audience so you can always be on message when you’re communicating with them.  You’ll only forge a strong connection if you know how to touch their hearts and make them feel something.

07.  Designing the visual layout.

I’ve been working with an amazing website designer, The Routine Creative.  Alex is awesome and his design aesthetic, creativity with fonts and love for white space is so on point. During the months it was taking me to figure out my brand upgrade, I kept coming to him with new ideas…right after he’d designed my old idea into Squarespace (woops!).  So, he asked me very nicely to come back to him when I knew everything I wanted to do.  I took him super seriously, and because of that literally ended up designing the entire visual look of my website on Pages on my Macbook Air.  That design process helped me understand my brand that much better, though, so I’m grateful to Alex and his expertise in translating my vision into reality was fantastic.  I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a web designer!

08. Clarifying packages + prices.

On the first version of my website, I had too many offerings that weren’t very clear and didn’t include prices.  I quickly learned the simpler you can make your offerings and your presentation of those offerings, the better.  I have 3 main offerings now - the 8 week Brand Synergy coaching program, the 3-hour Brand Review intensive and the Brand Clarity Workshop coming to LA soon.  Success!

09. Adding testimonials.

In the months it took me to upgrade and redesign my brand and website, I worked with a ton of clients.  I’m so grateful and thrilled because adding testimonials from happy clients to my website is such a great way to demonstrate the experience your ideal audience has when they’re interacting with your brand.  It’s vital and I highly recommend it!

10. Getting to the heart of my brand.

You know how when you decorate your house you save the master bedroom for last?  That was me doing my brand refresh and launching version 2.0 of my website.  I help other entrepreneurs define, clarify and love their brand so they can implement it in all areas of their business, but I saved mine until now.  Getting to the heart of my brand was simply getting the clarity on every aspect and falling in love with my brand.  I know if I loved it, my authenticity would attract other people who would love it, too.

Here’s to brand clarity, 



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