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Clarify and build a brand you love.

Are you ready to clarify, define and fall in love with your brand so you can create a business that really works for you? Are you ready to stop playing the comparison game and start being you? Are you ready to create brand consistency to attract your ideal clients and begin working with people who love what you offer?

Let’s get started!


The Brand Synergy 8-week Coaching Program is for professional and creative entrepreneurs looking to elevate your brand and captivate your audience in an authentic way.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to grow, this program helps you define every element of your brand so you can leverage it for greater impact.

It’s not about your logo, it’s about going beyond your brand identity to create a powerfully immersive brand experience your ideal clients will love. You’ll feel clear, confident and ready to make strategic decisions for your business with a consistent and cohesive brand.


A VIP coaching service for you business owners who are seriously ready to up level your brand


With strategic coaching customized for you and your brand, you'll get excited, clear and confident for those next steps you want to take in your business.

Send an email inquiry to Hilary about working together 1-on-1 by scrolling down to the bottom of this page and clicking the APPLY NOW button. 




• Pre-coaching Branding Packet: that supports you in getting clear on your current brand perception, brand vision and goals

• Eight (8) 1-hour coaching calls

• Downloadable worksheets to guide you through each step

• Laser coaching via email in between our calls

• For LA clients: the option to do in-person meetings at my home office.


“Hilary has an intuition about her, that from the get-go you feel like she's known your brand for years and is ready to hit the ground running with real, tactical suggestions.  She'll unlock the potential that your brand has, and reveal what you can do TODAY to make that potential a reality.”























week by week


Current Brand Perception

Desired Perception

Identify Your Why

Key Brand Words


WEEK 02 - POSITIONING PART 1: Brand Presence

What Makes You Unique

Personal Brand Story

Differentiate Your Brand

Ideal Client Deep Dive

Research Competitors


WEEK 03 - POSITIONING PART 2: Brand Foundation

Naming Theories (your brand & sub-brands, your website, your expertise)

Expert Positioning Tagline

Brand Mission

Elevator Pitch

Brand Vision


WEEK 04 - POSITIONING PART 3: Brand Value & Messaging

Marketing Taglines

Brand Manifesto

Core Values

Measurable Brand Goals


WEEK 05 - PACKAGING PART 1: Brand Identity

Color Theory


Make Your Mood Board

Branded Photography Strategy

Web Design Process Review + Recommendations for brand, logo & web designers


WEEK 06 - PACKAGING PART 2: Valuable Offers

Ideal Packages & Aligned Offers

Brand Worth & Pricing

On Brand Lead Magnets


WEEK 07 - PROMOTING PART 1: Content Strategy

Brand Voice & Personality

Branded Content Topic Themes

Content Calendar


WEEK 08 - PROMOTING PART 2: Website Strategy

Page by Page Assessment

Elevate Your Site w/ Brand Alignment

Develop Your Brand Strategy Book

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“Asking Hilary to be my branding coach was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  When Hilary sprinkled her magic all over my brand, not only was she inspirational, but she had my confidence go through the roof and I was eager to share my voice with the world.  She is the Fairy Godmother of Branding, and inspired REAL change and so many 'A-HA moments that will forever stay in my heart.”




Get the personalized attention you need.

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