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transform and take-off


Brand Catalyst is a 6-week group coaching program specifically designed for professional and creative entrepreneurs to transform your brand clarity into your everyday reality. Learn to implement your brand so your business will take off.

The Brand Catalyst Group Coaching Program. Oct 11 - Nov 15, 2017.


There’s something special about harnessing the energy of a group of visionary women who are focused on elevating their brand and expressing it to the world. You take inspiration from each other and discover how to inspire your audience. Join the group, where we’ll spend 90 minutes each week aligning our brands with our vision for next year. You’ll leave this group coaching program ready to transform your business in 2018, taking it to the next level.




01. Clarify your vision for 2018

Align your goals for next year with the new brand clarity you’ve gained. Tackle the new year focused on what matters most.


02. Simplify your brand action plan for success

It’s not about all the things you can do, it’s about choosing a few things that will create the most impact in your business to move it forward. Choose the right things that connect your brand promise to your ideal clients.


03. Clarity, confidence and consistency!

Once you’re clear on what your brand stands for, you can confidently implement your brand to make business decisions daily. We’ll work on doing this consistently and learn tools to keep you clear and unstuck.


04. Focus your energy on the right clients

With a clear sense of direction, create messaging that will resonate with your ideal clients. Make your brand a magnet to attract the right clients.

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Beginning on Wednesday, October 11th you’ll spend every Wednesday from 4:00-5:30pm for 6 weeks focusing on and elevating your brand in this Brand Catalyst group coaching program. Here are the dates of the program:


Oct 11

Oct 18

Oct 25

Nov 1

Nov 8

Nov 15


Worksheets, group discussion and instruction by Hilary are all part of the program.

























transform your brand and prepare to see your business take-off

There are a limited number of spots for this intimate group coaching program so each member can get the most out of time with Hilary and with each other.

Your investment in this 6-week Group Coaching Program is: