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Get to the heart of your brand.

Here’s what I know about you: You’re a professional or creative entrepreneur who’s already had one career. You want to focus your energy on doing work you love. Being your own boss sounds like heaven. You’re a genius at what you do. But, marketing yourself ? Ugh. It’s a bit overwhelming and frustrating to say the least. I get it! Communicating your brand with clarity is essential to attracting your dream clients. You know it, I know it. So, let’s do it. Because I know you, and nothing’s gonna stop you from creating a business that matters.



About Hilary.

I’m in my second career, having reinvented myself from movie marketing executive to a brand synergist & personal branding coach. My goal is to empower you with the clarity, inspiration and confidence you need to create an authentic brand that leverages your expertise, expresses your mission and captivates your audience so that you can build and grow the business of your dreams.


Gotta be inspired.

Inspiration drives me. When I’m inspired, I’m on fire. After graduating from University of Hawaii with a business degree and then from Emerson College with my Master’s in global marketing, I realized I could advertise anything…so, why not one of the things that inspires me most?  Movies! My movie passion became my job for 15 years, marketing films from global brands including Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Touchstone and Dreamworks. 


The synergy of it all.



As a synergy expert, my job was to collaborate with and leverage all the businesses and brands across The Walt Disney Company to work together for greater impact towards our opening weekend film launches. This is what I help you do with your brand! Brand Synergy is when we combine the power of every element of your fully defined brand to create a powerful impact that resonates with your target audience, captivating their hearts and converting them to loyal customers. Another passion I tackled within marketing at Disney was integrated brand partnerships. I loved elevating multiple brands via marketing partnerships and it gave me the opportunity to work with so many incredible partners, including:




The journey to finding my next dream.

My time at Disney became all-consuming. Stress and overwhelm took up residence in my daily life, inspiration fled and I forgot to set new goals. That’s when a simple question crossed my path that changed my trajectory: ‘what would you do if you were 10x bolder?’

Easy. Quit my job at Disney. Take a whole year off to relax and reconnect with Who I Am. Travel. Start writing. Learn to blog. Pursue my passions. Be inspired.

As soon as I got crystal clear, the Universe listened. Two weeks later I was driving off the Studio Lot after an organizational restructure with a severance package in hand that paid my salary…for One Year.























My new passion is empowering you.

My newest passion is empowering you with the same solutions I’ve employed to get to the heart of my brand. Getting crystal clear on my mission & vision not only gave me direction for my life, but immediately up-leveled my business. You’ll learn the same strategies to define your unique edge, tell your compelling story, and gain clarity to leverage your talents. You’ll elevate your brand to create a biz you love.

Let’s continue the convo and powwow on a free brand strategy call because I 100% believe in you and the business you’re creating.



Already thinking you’re amazing,



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